Meeting Room Policy

The Library is pleased to make its meeting room available on a first-come, first-served basis to local non-profit, non-political, secular groups holding a meeting for educational or cultural purposes. Local organizations are encouraged to make use of the room for occasional meetings during the year. The following conditions apply to the use of the room:
  • A fee will be charged.
  • The room will be available during regular library hours.
  • All programs must be open to the public and free of any admission charge or donation.
  • Each organization will assume responsibility for any theft, damage, and/or personal injury resulting from its use of the facilities and will sign a hold-harmless agreement. Each organization will also obtain such liability insurance as may be required by the Suburban Municipal Joint Insurance Fund.
  • Each organization will be responsible for adhering to the established procedures for the use of the room.
As an institution of education for democratic living, the Library will not restrict the use of its facilities based on the beliefs of the members of the organization using the room. Furthermore, the Library will not attempt to censor or amend the content of any meeting.
To apply for use of the meeting room, please see this document. You may fill in most of the cells on your computer, but you must sign and date in your own handwriting. You can then print the document give it to the appropriate person at the library.