Welcome to our Digital Download Center!

The Westfield Library provides access to downloadable ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, music, and movies.

All of this content is available on a number of formats, including smartphones, laptop computers, tablets, and even on your television through Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV.

Our e-content is available through multiple vendors, most of which provide content on multiple formats. The following are the different formats of e-content we make available to you and the various vendors that provide it.

eBooks and eAudiobooks Music Movies and Videos eMagazines

eBooks and eAudiobooks

eLibrary NJ -- This collection consists of fiction and non-fiction audiobooks and ebooks, with an emphasis on popular fiction. elibrarynj now functions with an app called "Libby." eLibraryNJ FAQ

Hoopla -- This collection consists of fiction, non-fiction eAudiobooks and eBooks, including comics. Hoopla is available for Apple, Android, and Kindle devices and like our other ebook vendors. Patrons can borrow up to six total items from Hoola per month. All tittles are always available.

Hoopla requires registration and the downloading of an app.

Freading -- this resource has a comprehensive collection of fiction and non-fiction ebooks. Freading's titles are always available.  Patrons can now borrow up to three books per week. Unused book allotment will be rolled over to the next week and up to three subsequent weeks. (Freading does not have eAudiobooks)

Freading works with most of the common tablets, but see this FAQ page for information on downloading to a Kindle and Nook.

EBSCO's eBooks -- this collection consists of thousands of eBook titles from a variety of publishers. Most of the titles are non-fiction. All the titles can be read online, without a download but most are downloadable as well. (EBSCO eBooks does not have eAudiobooks)

RBDigital -- this collection consists of eAudiobooks.

If you are going to download an ebook directly to an ereader other than a Kindle you must download the relevant App and get an Adobe account. If you are going to download an ebook to a Kindle or to a Kindle-app (on a non-Kindle device) you do not need to get an Adobe account.

You need to download the relevant apps. Go to your App Store or Marketplace to find the following.

  • Libby, for eLibrary NJ
  • Freading, for Freading
  • BlueFire, for EBSCO ebooks
  • Hoopla
  • RBDigital
  • The Overdrive app will still work with eLibraryNJ, but for the best experience the Libby app is recommended.

    You can sign up for an Adobe account here or by entering "Get an Adobe ID" into a search engine.

    Instructions for Individual eReaders are available here:

  • iPad
  • Nook
  • Kindle


    Hoopla has an extremely comprehensive music selection, of everything from classical to world music to pop to Broadway.

    Browse Hoopla's collections here.

    Hoopla requires registration and the downloading of an app. You only need to set up the app once to use all of Hoopla's materials.


    Movies & Videos

    Hoopla has thousands of movies, tv shows, documentaries, and more that you can watch on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or television.

     For setting Hoopla up and finding titles, please see "How to Use Hoopla."

    For Help, please review this page.


    RB Digital (formerly Zinio) is the Westfield Memorial Library's magazine database that lets you view magazines in their print-formats.

    RBDigital magazines may be read in an internet browser or on a wide variety of apps available for many mobile devices. Click on the device that best suits your needs to download your free app now:PC/MacKindle Fire, iPhone/iPadAndroid, Windows 8, Kindle, and Blackberry Playbook.

    Watch a video for step-by-step instructions on setting up your accounts, or follow the instructions below.

    New User? Follow these steps to create a Westfield Memorial Library RBDigital Account:

    1. Connect to the library’s RBDigital collection using your browser.

    2. Click the “Create Account” button.

    3. Enter your library card number beginning with 295xxxxxxxxxxx and click “Validate.”

    4. Enter your email address, password, and name and click “Create Account.”

    5. Check your email account for an email from RB Digital Portal.

    6. Click on the link to activate your account.

    7. Go back to the Zinio page, click “Return to Login.”

    8. Type your email address and password.

    Already a Zinio User? Follow these steps to select a magazine.

    1. Connect to the library’s RBDigital collection using your browser.

    2. Log in with your email address and password.

    3. Select a magazine, a new window will open asking you to create a RBDigital.com account.

    4. The email address from the library account you created will appear in the email box. Type a password and click “Continue” to create your Zinio.com account. If you already have an account, click “sign in here” and sign in to your account.

    5. The magazine you selected will be in your RBDigital.com account. Click on it to start reading!

    Start using RBDigital today!


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