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Lighting in the library will be upgraded to LED bulbs over the next several weeks. This will require certain parts of the building to be closed off for various periods during the day. This upgrade will make the library more energy efficient reducing operating costs and CO2 emissions. We regret any inconvenience during this period and hope for your understanding.



iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

iPad Instructions

Video instructions on YouTube.

To use your Apple device as an ereader you need to download an app from Overdrive.

This is the iPad app for Hoopla:

The iPad also has a Kindle app which lets you use your iPad as a Kindle.


Kindle Instructions

Video instructions on YouTube.


This is the Kindle app for Hoopla:


Nook Instructions

Video instructions on YouTube

To use the Nook you must first download Adobe Digital Editions to your computer.


This is the Nook-compatible Android app for Hoopla:

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