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  Business Source Elite  
  This business database provides full text for over 1,000 business publications. The rich collection of titles in Business Source Elite provides information dating back to 1985. More than 10,100 substantial company profiles from Datamonitor are also included. This database is updated on a daily basis via EBSCOhost.  
  Corfacts Online      
  Corfacts is New Jersey's premier business to business information site.  Corfacts includes NJ Directory of Human Resources Executives, the NJ Directory of Small Businesses, and the NJ Business-to-Business Directory.  
  Morningstar offers investment information and advice about mutual funds, stocks, and ETFs. Features include a screener, research reports, and portfolio creation and organization.  
  Reference USA (Available through JerseyClicks)  
  Reference USA is a powerful database for finding information on doctors, businesses, and residences.  The business section is a particularly useful way to find out about a business' ownership, sales volume, and number of employees.  This page will take you to a site called JerseyClicks.  From there please click on Reference USA.  
  Regional Business News      
  This database provides comprehensive full text coverage for regional business publications. Regional Business News incorporates coverage of 75 business journals, newspapers and newswires from all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States.  
  Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage  
  Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage is a comprehensive source of business and investment information, offering on-line access to Standard & Poor’s independent research, data and commentary on stocks, bonds, funds, and industries.  
  The Wall Street Journal      
  The Wall Street Journal covers international and national news, with a focus on business and business personalities.  Our access to the WSJ comes from ProQuest.  You may search the NYTimes and WSJ simultaneously.  1984 to the present.  
  Ferguson's Career Guidance Center  
  Ferguson's Career Guidance is a multifaceted resource for those considering a new career. By industry, Ferguson’s offers occupational outlook, credentials, and salaries. Ferguson's gives advice on resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and self-assessments.  
  Gale Career Transitions      

The Gale Career Transitions page offers you a free, Step-by-Step approach to choosing a career, finding a job, and more.  Create a focused profile based on your interests, education, and preferences.

  Job and Career Accelerator  
  With this new resource New Jerseyans can search over five million up-to-the-minute local and national job postings, create professional resumes and cover letters, practice and master interviewing skills, and finally, conveniently organize and track your job-search progress all in one place.  
  New Jersey Career Assistance Navigator  
  offers extensive New Jersey information on over 550 occupations and 194 NJ occupational licenses, registrations and certifications.  
  New Jersey Next Stop  
  This a state site sponsored by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development, State Employment and Training Commission, to help NJ teens, parents, and counselors learn more about career interests, career options, and the world of work.   
  College Catalogs (CollegeSource Online)  
  34,309 college catalogs in full cover-to-cover, original page format with 2-year, 4-year, graduate, professional and international schools.  

  Encyclopedia Americana      
  Blends the depth and accuracy of the print edition with the currency expected of an online reference work. Its 45,000 articles and 25 million words, contributed by 6,500 specialists are updated quarterly  
  Encyclopedia Britannica      
  Encyclopædia Britannica Online Academic Edition brings together the world-renowned content of the encyclopedia, with the speed and convenience of the Internet.  
  Encyclopedia Judaica      

Provides and exhaustive overview of Jewish cultural and religious life from the Second Temple period until the present.  The Second Edition of this classic tome is invaluable for scholars, students, and general readers alike.

  Funk & Wagnall's New World Encyclopedia  
  Offered by EBSCO, this encyclopedia provides over 25,000 encyclopedic entries on a tremendous variety of subject areas.  
  Grolier Multi-Media      
  Based on the Academic American Encyclopedia, it has 38,000 articles, 11 million words which are expanded by authoritative links to other sources of information on the web  
  New Book of Knowledge      
  The leading source of accurate, accessible and fun-to-read information written especially for children.  
  New Book of Popular Science  
  Grolier's New Book of Popular Science is a multifaceted science and technology resource for middle and high school students.  


Una colección de revistas hispánicas con textos completos. Abarca negocios, salud, tecnología, cultura, temas de actualidad y otras materias.

Referencia Latina

  Referencia Latina, a comprehensive Spanish-language database, offers content from a variety of sources including 49,000 encyclopedia entries.  

Ancestry Library (available in library only)

  Family history is one of the most popular pursuits in the United States. is the world's largest online family history resource.  

HeritageQuest (Sponsored by the Genealogical Society of the West Fields.)

  HeritageQuest Online is an essential collection of unique material for both genealogical hobbyists and professionals, with coverage dating back to the late 1700s.   
  Academic Search Premier      
  Academic Search Premier is one of the best databases for high school and college research papers.  This multi-disciplinary database provides full text for more than 4,500 journals, of which more than 3,700 are peer-reviewed. PDF backfiles to 1975 or farther are available for well over one hundred journals.  
  Biography Reference Bank  

Biography Reference Bank contains biographical information on approximately half a million people, from antiquity to the present, along with thousands of images. It contains the full text of the articles from hundreds of reference books.

  Jersey Clicks      
  JerseyClicks searches the full text of thousands of magazines, newspapers, reference books and biographies as well as indexed images including photographs, maps and flags - all from authorative databases so you know the information provided is as accurate.  Use Jersey Clicks to access Reference USA, one of our most useful business databases.  
  Points of View Reference Center      
  This site from EBSCO is intended for people who have to research a contentious issue. If you are going to be writing a persuasive speech or participating in a debate this database would be an excellent resource for you.  
  Gale Power Search      
  Gale's PowerSearch is a tool to let you search multiple databases at once and customize your search experience. Other Gale databases are subject specific, but this one casts a wide net in its effort to find information for you, all while still giving you the ability to customize your results by general interest, full-text, and peer-reviewed.  
  Lands and Peoples      
  From Grolier, this is the leading encyclopedia of countries, cultures and current events that is geared to students. Each article is links to its own Facts and Figures. The site also has an electronic, interactive atlas.   
  World Geography and Culture      
  The Facts on File World Geography and Culture allows one to access a wealth of geographic information, from statistical tables of comparative information, to maps, to articles. Topics are American and international.  
  Health Reference Center      

Easy to navigate - provides information on research, medical terms and treatments, and nutrition and wellness.  This database features educational videos, searchable color illustrations, health news articles, a BMI calculator, a food pyramid, and a list of various hotlines. 

  Health Source - Consumer Edition  
  This database is the richest collection of consumer health information available to libraries worldwide, providing information on many health topics including the medical sciences, food sciences and nutrition, childcare, sports medicine and general health  
  Health Source - Nursing/Academic Edition  
  This database provides nearly 550 scholarly full text journals focusing on many medical disciplines. Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition also features the Lexi-PAL Drug Guide, which covers 1,300 generic drug patient education sheets with more than 4,700 brand names.      
  Consumer health information for healthy living in New Jersey from The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.  English/Spanish.  
  Access to Medline, the National Library of Medicine's database of bibliographic citations and abstracts for the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, health care systems and preclinical sciences.  

  African American History Online    
  Facts on File's African-American History Online is a comprehensive database on African-American history from the slave trade to the Civil Rights movement to the present day. Thousands of extensively hyperlinked and informative entries include topical entries, biographies, primary source documents, images, timelines, and maps and charts.  
  American Indian History Online  
  Facts on File’s American Indian History Online is an authoritative database that provides in-depth coverage of more than 5,000 years of culture, legends, and leaders. Hundreds of Indians groups are covered in hyperlinked entries, including topical entries, primary sources, biographies, maps, images, and timelines. The content is searchable by tribe and culture area.
  American Women's History Online  
  Facts on File’s American Women's History Online offers thousands of extensively hyperlinked entries—biographies, topical entries, maps, timelines, tables and charts, primary sources, and images—that are essential to understanding the experiences of women throughout U.S. history.  
  American History Online      
  Facts on File’s American History Online is a comprehensive reference of the most important individuals, events, and topics in U.S. history. The thousands of entries—topical entries, biographies, maps, timeline entries, primary source documents, and images—are hyperlinked and allow users a path to related entries. Extensive overview essays provide detail on each time period.
  Ancient and Medieval History  
  Facts on File’s Ancient and Medieval History Online focuses on Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, Africa, Europe, the Americas, and Asia, Ancient and Medieval History Online gives a balanced, global view of the world in ancient and medieval times. Thousands of entries on events, people, and primary source documents are hyperlinked and allow users a comprehensive and comparative view of the pre-modern world.
  Inventors and Inventions    
  This database is based on Salem History's "Great Lives from History." Use it to find information on inventors and their inventions.  
  Modern World History Online  
  Facts on File’s Modern World History Online covers the important people and events of world history from the age of exploration in the mid-15th century today. Topical entries, biographies, maps, primary source documents, and timeline entries provide a detailed and comparative view of the people, places, and events that have defined world history.  
  Oxford African-American Studies Center  
  The Oxford African American Studies Center combines the authority of carefully edited reference works with sophisticated technology to create the most comprehensive collection of scholarship available online to focus on the lives and events which have shaped African American history and culture.  
  Mango Languages  
  Become a citizen of the world with Mango Languages!  Mango Languages is an online language-learning system teaching actual conversation skills for a wide variety of foreign languages and English as a Second Language. (our subscription to this database will cease at the end of May, but we are subscribing to a new, similar language program)  
  New Jersey Law Journal      
  Published since 1878, the New Jersey Law Journal is the indispensable legal authority for a state with the fifth largest attorney population in the country. This must-read weekly presents a complete, official source for all state and federal court notices.  NOTE:  When you are prompted, please enter """" for your email id and ""library"" for your password.  

  Bloom's Literary Reference Center  
  Bloom’s Literary Reference, from Facts on File, offers articles on authors and books from antiquity to the present.  
  Books in Print      
  Bowker's Books in Print is the largest Web-based bibliographic resource. Find what you're looking for quickly and easily, using our unbiased and comprehensive database of 5 million book, audio book, and video titles.  
  Contemporary Authors      
  Gale's Contemporary authors provides complete biographical and bibliographical information and references on more than 120,000 U.S. and international authors.  
  Contemporary Literary Criticism - Select  
  Contemporary Literary Criticism--Select is an extensive collection of critical essays on contemporary authors. Each CLC--Select entry contains a biographical/critical introduction, listing of principal works and sources for further study.  
  EBSCO eBooks      
  Formerly NetLibrary, this contains full-text eBooks, electronic journals, a variety of online reference databases, and eAudiobooks and Recorded Books. Note: Please click the link to "eBook Collection" at the bottom of the page.
  Literature Resource Center  
  Accessed through Gale, Literature Resource Center offers full-text journal articles, literary criticism, reviews, biographical information, and overviews on over 130,000 writers in all disciplines, from all time periods and from around the world.  
  Literary Reference Center      
  EBSCO's LRC is a comprehensive literary reference database, which provides users with a broad spectrum of reference information from antiquity to today. LRC combines information from over 1,000 books and monographs, literary encyclopedias and reference works, hundreds of literary journals, and unique sources not available anywhere else. CREATE LINK  
  Gale's LitFinder has 100,000+ full-text poems including over 10,000 copyrighted poems, 800,000 poem citations and excerpts, thousands of full-text short stories, and full-text essays, speeches and plays.  
  Full-text eBooks, electronic journals, a variety of online reference databases, and eAudiobooks and Recorded Books.  NOTE: You must set up your account in the library to use this database.  Once your account is set up you can use NetLibrary from anywhere. 
  NoveList is an on-line readers' advisory tool that helps you find new books based on books you have already read or topics that interest you.  
  Online Book Club      
  The Online Book Club consists of a number of book clubs each dedicated to a specific genre: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Business, Romance, Teen, and Audio.  If you sign up for one or more of the book clubs every day you will receive a few pages of a book. During a week you can read 2-3 chapters and decide if you want to check the book out of the library. Every Monday the OBC starts a new book.  
  Westfield History Archive      
  The Westfield History Archive consists of full-text, easily searchable versions of the Westfield Leader, the Union County Standard, the Westfield Record Press, and now the Weather Vane, Westfield High School's school yearbook.   

  America's News Magazines  
  This database offers access to nearly 30, diverse American magazines.  
  MasterFile Premier      
  Designed specifically for public libraries, this multidisciplinary database provides full text for nearly 1,950 general reference publications with full text information dating as far back as 1975.  

  Oxford Art Online      
  Formerly the Grove Art Encyclopedia, this is a resournce on every aspect of the visual arts from prehistory to the present day. Over 45,000 articles on fine arts, decorative arts, and architecture.  

  EBSCO Newspaper Source  
  Newspaper Source provides selected full text for nearly 30 national (U.S.) and international newspapers. The database also contains full text television radio news transcripts, and selected full text for more than 200 regional (U.S.) newspapers.  
  New York Times Current      
  The NYT Current has articles from the New York Times from 1980 until the present.  Articles are in HTML form, so you will not be seeing the articles as they originally appeared in the printed newspaper.  Our access to the NYTimes comes from ProQuest.  You may search the NYTimes and WSJ simultaneously.  
  New York Times Historical  

The NYT Historical has articles from the inception of the New York Times in the 1850s all the way to 2003.  The database is full-text searchable and articles have been scanned to easily readable PDFs.


The Westfield Record Press, also known as the Westfield Record, was a weekly newspaper covering local Westfield and Union County issues from 1990 to 2007.

  The Star Ledger      
  New Jersey's leading newspaper.  NewsBank's access to the Star-Ledger goes from January 1st, 1996 to the present.  
  Union County Standard  
  The Union County Standard was published from 1891-1915 and covered Westfield and the whole County of Union.  
  The Wall Street Journal      
  The Wall Street Journal covers international and national news, with a focus on business and business personalities.  Our access to the WSJ comes from ProQuest.  You may search the NYTimes and WSJ simultaneously.  1984 to the present.  
  Westfield Leader      
  The Westfield Leader is Westfield's local newspaper.  We have coverage from 1907 to 2008.  
  Access Science      

Provides easy and quick access to authoritative articles in all areas of science and technology.  Also includes definitions, illustrations, graphics, bibliographies, biographies, image galleries, RSS feeds, animation, podcasts and videos.  Appropriate for high schoolers and adults.

  GreenFILE is a database of books, journals, essays, and magazines covering consumer health, ecology, general science, and nature.  
  Science Online      

This Facts on File databases offers research topics in biology, chemistry, computer science, earth science, environmental science, forensic science, math, physics, astronomy, and weather and climate.  There are diagrams, experiments, biographies, timelines, videos, animations and news articles.

  Science Reference Center      
  EBSCO's Science Reference Center contains full text for hundreds of science encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals, and other sources. Topics covered include every discipline, science society, science as inquiry, scientists, technology and wildlife. Science Reference Center also satisfies the demand for standards-based content by providing teachers and librarians with articles correlated to state and national curriculum standards .  
  Curriculum Resource Center  
  This Facts on File database claims to be the premier source for lesson plans and printable handouts on the web.   
  Curriculum Resource Center: Junior Edition  
  This Facts on File database has lesson plans and activities for elementary students.  
  ERIC, the Educational Resource Information Center, contains more than 2,200 digests along with references for additional information and citations and abstracts from over 1,000 educational and education-related journals.  
  Professional Development Collection  
  Designed for teachers, this database provides a highly specialized collection of over 500 high quality education journals, of which nearly 350 are peer-reviewed. This database also contains more than 200 educational reports. Professional Development Collection is the most comprehensive collection of full text education journals in the world.  
  Elementary School Magazines  
  Also called Primary Search, Elementary School Magazines provides full text for more than 70 popular magazines for elementary schoolers. Each full text article is assigned a reading level indicator (a Lexile) to allow researchers to hone in on the most age-appropriate material.  
  KidsSearch is an EBSCO database designed for elementary and middle school school students. Subjects covered are everything, from science to social studies to sports to current events.  
  Middle School Magazines      
  Middle Search Plus provides full text for nearly 140 popular magazines for middle and jr. high school research. All full text articles included in the database are assigned a reading level indicator (Lexiles).  
  NoveList K-8      
  NoveList K-8 is designed to help students find books similar to ones they have already enjoyed and to give them a chance to acquire new insights into those books.  
  Searchasaurus has resources on virtually every topic, from children's literature to science to foreign cultures. Articles are from encyclopedias and periodicals. Searchasaurus offers a very child-friendly method of finding articles through illustrated topic categories.  
  Student Research Center      
  This EBSCO database offers information on every subject, but it tailored to the needs of high school students.  
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