Books that Inspired Songs

Title (titles with an * are available in other formats) Author Call No.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland*

Lewis Carroll  Fiction Car
Bell Jar Sylvia Plath   Fiction Pla

The Bluest Eye *

Toni Morrison Fiction Mor
Brave New World* Aldous Huxley Fiction Hux
Catcher in the Rye* J.D. Salinger  Fiction Sal
Frankenstein* Mary Shelley Fiction She

The Grapes of Wrath*   

John Steinbeck Fiction Ste
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy * Douglas Adams Fiction Ada
The Invisible Man* H.G. Wells Fiction Wel
Lolita* Vladimir Nabokov Fiction Nab

Lord of the Flies*

William Goldman Fiction Gol
The Lord of the Rings* J.R.R. Tolkein Fiction Tol
The Picture of Dorian Gray* Oscar Wilde Fiction Wil

On the Road*

Jack Kerouac Fiction Ker
Things Fall Apart* Chinua Achebe Fiction Ach
To Kill a Mockingbird*  Harper Lee Fiction Lee
1984* George Orwell Fiction Or

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