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Recommended Business and Economics Websites

For starters, the staff has compiled lists of what we feel are the best free websites.  These websites are free, authoritative, and regularly updated.

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Name Description
Name Description
Washington Post Glossary of Business Terms The glossary contains more than 1,250 business terms, organized and cross-referenced for your convenience. You can search the glossary for a particular word or search the full text of the glossary to find every reference to a word or phrase.
Harvard Business School Working Knowledge The site brings together timely business information and research from the intellectual capital of Harvard Business School, Harvard Business School Publishing and other highly regarded sources. Visitors to the site can browse more than a dozen management topics featuring timely articles and essays on diverse management topics, interviews with HBS professors.
United States Department of the Treasury This site is the main site for the U.S. Department of Treasury. The U.S. Treasury is the government agency responsible for the economic prosperity and security in the U.S. This site describes and links to the functions and structure of the U.S. Treasury.
United States Department of Labor Statistics The Bureau of Labor's statistical snapshot of the United States economy.
The United States Federal Reserve The website of the United States' central bank.
Bloomberg Business Business news from around the world. The Westfield Memorial Library subscribes to Bloomberg Business Week.
The Economist The website of the venerable British magazine. The Westfield Memorial Library subscribes and has copies available on the 2nd Floor. (One article per day if not a subscriber.)
The Financial Times The World of Business and Finance from the British daily newspaper. (registration required)
Neighborhood Effects

Originally this was blog was about the economies of neighborhoods and towns, but it has now widened its focus to global scale issues.

The Simple Dollar Practical advice on getting the most out of your money - from hotel rewards to college loans - from a team of bloggers.
Freakonomics Blog A blog by the authors of the popular series of books. Exploring the "hidden side of everything."
NPR's Planet Money A look at economics and economic history in everyday life.

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