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Recommended Computing Websites

For starters, the staff has compiled lists of what we feel are the best free websites.  These websites are free, authoritative, and regularly updated.

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Computing Websites
Computer/Technolgy Resources
CNET Offers advice on purchasing computers and technology and shows you how to get the most out of what you already own.
Computer World One of the oldest computer magazines, Computer World is where IT people get their information.
PC Magazine PC World is also intended for the Technology shopper. It offers labs-based testing of a variety of products. 
Webopedia Online encyclopedia of computing technologies.
Computer Science Web Guide This comprehensive subject guide contains links to many interesting websites in computing and related fields.
History of Computers  
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing covers the breadth of computer history through scholarly articles by leading computer scientists and historians, as well as firsthand accounts by computing pioneers.
University of Virginia--Computer Museum

The University of Virginia's Computer Museum contains various computer-related artifacts, both historical and modern.

PBS: Triumph of the Nerds  "Learn in vivid detail how youthful amateurs, hippies and self-proclaimed "nerds" accidentally changed the world."
A Timeline of How Computers Changed History "Computers have evolved and advanced significantly over the decades since they originated. Many years ago, in their most rudimentary form, computers were very large and slow. Gradually, computers have become smaller and faster, enabling people to use them virtually anywhere."

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