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Plot whisperer book of writing prompts

Alderson, Martha 808.3 Ald
Writing from the heart Aronie, Nancy 808.02 Aro
Escaping into the open: the art of writing true Berg, Elizabeth 813.54 Ber
Flash!: writing the very short story  Dufresne, John 808.31 Duf
The elements of story Flaherty, Francis 808.543 Fla
The plot thickens: 8 ways to bring fiction to life Lukeman, Noah 808.3 Luk
The emotional craft of fiction Maass, Donald 808.3 Maa

Deep writing

Maisel, Eric 808.02 Mai
Word painting: the fine art of writing descriptively McClanahan, Rebecca 808.042 McC
Power language  McQuain, Jeff 808.042 McQ
Spunk & bite Plotnick, Arthur 808.042 Plo
How to tell a story Rubie, Peter 808.02 Rub
Still writing: the pleasures and perils of a creative life Shapiro, Dani  808.02 (Shapiro)
On writing Welty, Eudora 808.3 Wei

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