Fiction Inspired by Libraries

A Knights Bridge Christmas. Neggers, Carla. FICTION Neg**
Open season. Howard, Linda. FICTION How**

Summer hours at the Robbers Library : a novel. 

Halpern, Sue. FICTION Hal**
The awakening of Miss Prim. Fenollera, Natalia.   FICTION San

The bookshop on the corner : a novel.

Colgan, Jenny. FICTION Col**
The borrower. Makkai, Rebecca.  FICTION Mak **
The ice queen : a novel.   Hoffman, Alice.  FICTION Hof **

The library at Mount Char.

Hawkins, Scott.   FICTION Hak**
The library at the edge of the world : a novel. Hayes-McCoy, Felicity. FICTION Hay**
The nearness of you.  Garlock, Dorothy. FICTION Gar

The storied life of A.J. Fikry : a novel.

 Zevin, Gabrielle.   FICTION Zev**
The story of General Dann and Mara's daughter, griot and the snow dog : a novel.
 Lessing, Doris May. Collection: FICTION Les
The time traveler's wife : a novel.  Niffenegger, Audrey. FICTION Nif**
The winter man Palmer, Diana. FICTION Pal**
Library Mysteries


A murder for the books.

Gilbert, Victoria.    MYSTERY Gil
Cat out of hell. Truss, Lynne.    MYSTERY Tru
Death books a return. Hill, Marion Moore.    MYSTERY Hil
The death of Corinne. Raichev, R. T. MYSTERY Rai
Death overdue. Brook, Allison.   MYSTERY Bro

Ex-libris. King, Ross.

King, Ross.    MYSTERY Kin
Murder at the 42nd Street library.  Lehane, Cornelius. MYSTERY LeH**
The drowning pool. Seewald, Jacqueline.   Seewald, Jacqueline. MYSTERY See
Murder of a stacked librarian.  Swanson, Denise.    MYSTERY Swa
The inferno collection. Seewald, Jacqueline.    Seewald, Jacqueline.    MYSTERY See

The librarian.

Beinhart, Larry. MYSTERY Bei
The Paris librarian.  Pryor, Mark. MYSTERY Pry
The truth sleuth: a Kim Reynolds mystery.  Seewald, Jacqueline. MYSTERY See **
Triptych : a mystery. Liesche, Margit. MYSTERY Lie

Library Series


Dewey Decimal Novels


The immune system : a novel.

Larson, Nathan.  MYSTERY Lar
The nervous system : a novel.  Larson, Nathan. MYSTERY Lar
The dewey decimal system : a novel.    Larson, Nathan. MYSTERY Lar

Cherry Cola Book Club Novels


Queen of the cookbooks. 

Lee, Ashton. FICTION Lee
The reading circle.  Lee, Ashton.  FICTION Lee
A Cherry Cola Christmas. Lee, Ashton.  FICTION Lee
The Cherry Cola Book Club.
Lee, Ashton. FICTION Lee**
Book club babies. Lee, Ashton.    FICTION Lee

Mobile Library Mysteries

The case of the missing books: a mobile library mystery.

Sansom, Ian. MYSTERY San
The bad book affair : a mobile library mystery. 
Sansom, Ian. MYSTERY San
The book stops here : a mobile library mystery.   Sansom, Ian. MYSTERY San

Cat in the Stack Mysteries


Claws for concern.

James, Miranda.    MYSTERY Jam**
Arsenic and old books. James, Miranda. MYSTERY Jam**

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries


Real murders

Harris, Charlaine. MYSTERY Har**
A fool and his honey.
Harris, Charlaine. MYSTERY Har**
Dead over heels.
Harris, Charlaine. MYSTERY Har**
All the little liars. Harris, Charlaine. MYSTERY Har

Little Library Mysteries

She stopped for death : a Little Library mystery.

Buzzelli, Elizabeth Kane. MYSTERY Buz
A most curious murder. Buzzelli, Elizabeth Kane. MYSTERY Buz**


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