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Recommended Websites

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Excellent, free online resources help your quest for genealogical information.  Most of the sites have how-to guides and tools to develop your search.

A helpful destination to genealogical research is the Genealogical Society of the West Fields.


Name Description



Designed for those exploring African-American roots.  Search marriage, death, and slave data records. Message boards and chats allow easy communication between members.
Atlas of Historical County Boundaries    Interactive map and historical data confirms actual county names in a certain year, includes cross-name checking and information on the session laws that created and changed counties.   An excellent tool designed to confirm geographical information, even in non-county areas and territories.
Cyndi’s List  What’s a weblist without a website of links?  Compiles genealogy links through categories such as Adoption, Obituaries, Preservation and Conservation, and Cemeteries and Funeral Homes.  Find information on geographical backgrounds such as Africa, Asia and the Pacific, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, United Kingdom and Ireland, or Japan.
Family Search                   
Offered by the Church of Latter-Day Saints, this site has search capabilities, access to library catalogs and genealogy indexes.  Users can develop and share family trees and photo albums.
Family Tree Magazine  How-tos, podcasts, ebooks, newsletters, and article of interest for beginner and experienced genealogists.
Find a Grave                     
Discover burial information through thousands of images of tombstones.  Search by name, death or birth date, or location.  Browse through famous and historical tombstones.  Share and add information and images.
General Land Office Records     
The Bureau of Land Management provides images of the 5 million land title records purchased from 1820 to the present, mainly in the Midwest and West.  A research library also contains field notes, survey plats, and information on federal public land sales.
This is a genealogical social network that lets you build a family tree and then connect with other users who have done the same thing and have common ancestry.



Explore Jewish ancestors through location or surname.  Databases include Holocaust names, a town finder, and family trees.  Join discussion groups or take free online genealogy classes.
My Heritage      Designed for the tech-savvy and mobile-friendly.  Create online family trees, receive email alerts discoveries, and chat with other members.  The site can be accessed through a tablet or smartphone as well as a computer.
National Archives         Databases, research tools, chats, forums, and a wealth of digitized records.  Search military records, census data, and land records.  Ability to order some records online.

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