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Thirteen soldiers : a personal history of Americans at war. McCain, John. 355.0092 McC
American patriots : the story of Blacks in the military from the Revolution to Desert Storm. Buckley, Gail Lumet. 355.008996 Buc
Soldiers of freedom : an illustrated history of African Americans in the Armed Forces. Wright, Kai. 355.008996 Wri
American soldier. Franks, Tommy. 355.0092 (Franks) Fra
American warrior : the true story of a legendary Ranger. O'Neal, Gary. Collection: Non-Fiction, Call #: 355.0092 (O'Neal)
The long gray line. Atkinson, Rick. 355.0092 Atk
A people's history of the U.S. military : ordinary soldiers reflect on their experience of war, from the American Revolution to Afghanistan. Bellesiles, Michael A. 355.0092 Bel
Forever a soldier : unforgettable stories of wartime service.   355.0092 Wie
Warriors : portraits from the battlefield. Hastings, Max. 355.00922 Has
Beyond glory : Medal of Honor heroes in their own words : extraordinary stories
of courage from World War II to Vietnam.
Smith, Larry. 355.00922 Smi
Voices of war : stories of service from the home front and the front lines.
  355.00922 Voi
War letters : extraordinary correspondence from American wars.
  355.00922 War

Soldiers : fighting men's lives, 1901-2001.
Ziegler, Philip. C 355.0092241 Zie
Those who have borne the battle : America's wars and those who fought them.
Wright, James Edward. 355.0097 Wri

The greatest war stories ever told.

  355.02 Gre
The war diaries : an anthology of daily wartime diary entries throughout history.   355.02 War
The mammoth book of war diaries and letters : life on the battlefield in the words
of the ordinary soldier, 1775-1991.
  355.092 Mam
Love & war : 250 years of wartime love letters.   355.10973 Lov
Medal of Honor : portraits of valor beyond the call of duty.
Collier, Peter. 355.1342 Col
Medal of honor : profiles of America's military heroes from the Civil War to the
Mikaelian, Allen. 355.1342 Mik
The American soldier : U.S. Armies in uniform, 1755 to the present. Katcher,
Philip R. N.
355.14 Kat
Soldier dogs : the untold story of America's canine heroes. : Goodavage, Maria.
355.424 Goo
Grunts : inside the American infantry combat experience, World War II through
McManus, John C. 356.114 McM
SEAL Team six : memoirs of an elite Navy SEAL sniper.
Wasdin, Howard E. 359.984 (Wasdin) Was
In the company of soldiers : a chronicle of combat.
Atkinson, Rick. 956.7044 Atk
Heart of war : soldiers' voices from the front lines in Iraq.
DiMarco, Damon. 956.7044 DiM
Band of sisters : American women at war in Iraq.
Holmstedt, Kirsten A. 956.7044 Hol
Soldier girls : the battles of three women at home and at war.
Thorpe, Helen. 956.7044 Tho
What was asked of us : an oral history of the Iraq War by the soldiers who fought it.   956.7044092273 Woo
No way out : a story of valor in the mountains of Afghanistan. Weiss, Mitch. 958.1047 Wei

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