Non-fiction Books Inspired by Libraries

Title Author Call No.



The bad-ass librarians of Timbuktu : and their race to save the world's most precious manuscripts. .  

Hammer, Joshua 025.8209 Ham **

Library : an unquiet history.

Battles, Matthew. 027 Bat
The library : an illustrated history. : Murray, Stuart A. P. 027.009 Mur
Books on fire : the destruction of libraries throughout history.  Polastron, Lucien X. 027.009 Pol
Running the books : the adventures of an accidental prison librarian. Steinberg, Avi. 027.665 (Steinberg) Ste
Dear Fahrenheit 451 : a librarian's love letters and break-up notes to the books in her life.  Spence, Annie. 028.9 Spe **

The book on the bookshelf.

Petroski, Henry. 022.409 Pet
Ancient libraries. Thompson, James Westfall. 027.03 Tho
Thieves of Book Row : New York's most notorious rare book ring and the man who stopped it.   McDade, Travis. 090.9 McD
The world's strongest librarian : a memoir of Tourette's, faith, strength, and the power of family.   Hanagarne, Joshua. 616.83 (Hanagarne) Han **
Dewey's nine lives : the legacy of the small-town library cat who inspired millions.  Myron, Vicki.  636.8 Myr **
Dewey : the small-town library cat who touched the world.  Myron, Vicki. 636.8 Myr **
Living with books.  Beaufre, Roland.  747.73 Bea
The book thieves : the Nazi looting of Europe's libraries and the race to return a literary inheritance.  Rydell, Anders.   940.5314 Ryd

The storied city : the quest for Timbuktu and the fantastic mission to save its past.

English, Charlie. 966.23 Eng
The true tails of Baker and Taylor : the library cats who left their pawprints on a small town... and the world.  Louch, Jan 636.8 Lou **

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