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Presidential Biographies


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The Triumph of William McKinley : why the election of 1896 still matters
Rove, Karl 324.9738 (McKinley) Rov

Washington : a life

Chernow, Ron 973.41 (Washington) Che
John Adams
McCullough, David G. 973.44 (Adams) McC

Thomas Jefferson : the art of power

Meacham, Jon 973.46 (Jefferson) Mea
James Madison

Brookhiser, Richard 973.51 (Madison) Bro
The Last Founding Father : James Monroe and a nation's call to greatness.
Unger, Harlow G. 973.54 (Monroe) Ung

John Quincy Adams : American visionary

Kaplan, Fred 973.55 (Adams) Kap
American Lion : Andrew Jackson in the White House
Meacham, Jon 973.56 (Jackson) Mea

Team of Rivals : the political genius of Abraham Lincoln

Goodwin, Doris Kearns 973.7092 (Lincoln) Goo


Smith, Jean Edward 973.82 (Grant) Smi
Destiny of the Republic
Millard, Candice 973.84 (Garfield) Mil

Theodore Rex

Morris, Edmund 973.911 (Roosevelt, T.) Mor
Woodrow Wilson : a biography
Cooper, John Milton 973.913 (Wilson) Coo


Smith, Jean Edward. 973.917 (Roosevelt) Smi

Truman Call #:

 McCullough, David G. 973.918 (Truman) McC
Ambrose, Stephen E. 973.921 (Eisenhower) Amb

An Unfinished Life : John F. Kennedy, 1917-1963

Dallek, Robert 973.922 (Kennedy)
The Years of Lyndon Johnson : passage of power )
Caro, Robert A. 973.923 (Johnson) Car
Nixon and Kissinger : partners in power Dallek, Robert 973.924092 Dal

Jimmy Carter

Zelizer, Julian E. 973.926 (Carter) Zel
Reagan : the life Brands, H. W.

973.927 (Reagan) Bra



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