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Recommended Websites

For starters, the staff has compiled lists of what we feel are the best free websites.  These websites are free, authoritative, and regularly updated.

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Mental Health Websites

  Name Description
  American Psychological Association Topics The APA's topics page gives information on various psychological topics. Use this site to find press releases, scholarly articles, articles in popular newspapers and magazines, and book recommendations.  Note: Not everything is available to non-APS members.
  National Women Health Resource Center The NWHRC has a selection of psychological topics tailored to women's needs. Use this site to find information on dieting, motherhood, health insurance and more.
  Encyclopedia of Psychology The Encyclopedia of Psychology offers links to hundreds of websites and scholarly articles on virtually every topic in psychology. Use this resource to find biographical information on notable psychologists.
  National Alliance on Mental Illness NAMI's website offers help for people studying mental illness for their own selves and for research purposes. Not only are conditions covered, but treatments, Medicare Part D, and support.
  National Institute of Mental Health This website from the NIH's National Institute of Mental Health has a good science news section and serves as a gateway to the NIMH's many publications on mental health.
  Psychology Education Research Guide This website from Smart Scholar provides a wealth of resources for a student of psychology.
  Psychology Today Psychology Today's website offers selected articles from the magazine, discussion boards, and information about various psychological issues. Use this site to research a condition, find a therapist, join a discussion board with people who can relate to you, and even explore a career in psychology.
  Psych Scholar A Collection of Web Resources for Psychological Scholars and Budding Psychological Scholars
  Royal College of Psychiatrists The Royal College of Psychiatrists offers links to research and pamphlets on mental health issues. This website claims to be the #1 self-help website on the internet. The website includes articles, pamphlets, and videos. Like many other websites, has a news feed, but unlike many other sites categorizes articles by topic.
  Social Psychology Network This website offers 16,000 links related to psychology. Full-text searchable.
  Getting Over Grief: Understanding Its Stages and How to Heal A guide to understanding and healing from grief.
  Suicide and Depression Awareness for Students People contemplating suicide or experiencing the depths of a severe depression need to know they are not alone. From teenagers to college students, LGBT to the elderly, people struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts need options, reassurance, hope and help.
  Suicide Prevention Information

We all know someone who is struggling with post-traumatic stress, depression, or anxiety.This website provides ways to recognize warning signs of danger and help someone who is suffering.

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