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Recommended Websites

The WML staff has compiled lists of what we feel are the best websites on religion.  These websites are free, authoritative, and regularly updated.

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Religion Websites

  Dead Sea Scrolls: Qumrom and Modern Scholarship Qumrum and Modern Scholarship, a companion site to a Library of Congress exhibit Scrolls From the Dead Sea: The Ancient Library of Qumran and Modern Scholarship. online museum dedicated to Jewish history. The extremely well-designed website offers illustrated features like "The Bible Through Rembrandt's Eyes," sections on the days of the Bible, and all periods of Jewish history.
  Jewish Theological Society Library: Special Treasures
The JTS offers a small, yet substantial, portion of its collection for viewing at this website. Through this website, a user can browse Medieval illuminated Haggadahs, siddurs, and various three-dimensional art.
  Jewish Studies Internet Resources This is one of the broadest collections of research materials on Jewish Studies (in the broadest sense) available on the internet. Resources are convienently organized by subject.
  Internet Jewish History Sourcebook This is one of the broadest collections of research materials on Jewish Studies (in the broadest sense) available on the internet. Resources are convienently organized by subject.
  Anno Domini: Jesus Through the Centuries

this website focuses on views of Jesus Christ over the past two millennia. The articles tend to be short, but are well written and on very interesting topics. While the website is about Jesus, there are frequent tie ins to Judaism and Islam. Views of Jesus are represented in Eighteen Themes, from Jesus the Jew to Jesus, the Man who Belongs to this World.
  Christian Classics Ethereal Library
associated with Calvin College, hosts 118 Christian texts. The authors range from the early Church Fathers to Thomas a Kempis to 19th century American evangelicals.
  The Crusades This website was designed as an online course for Boise State. The website offers discussions, online lectures, illustrations, and reading recommendations. The website focuses on dynastic and military history, not religious or social.
  Internet Theology Resources This website, from St. John's University, offers a massive collection of primary sources related to Christianity.
  Internet Islamic History Website The IIHW is a great resource for anyone doing a paper on Islamic history. This website contains articles, sound recordings, and some videos dealing with the history of the Islamic world. Perhaps the most valuable portion of the website is its large collection of primary sources. The primary sources are organized very logically by chronology and nation.
  Islam and Islamic Studies Resources This website has a large number of well-organized links to websites and articles about Islam. The links are categorized by topics like "Islam and Terrorism," "Islamic Arts," and "Sufis and Sufi Poetry."
  The Prince Alwaleed Bin-Talaal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (ACMCU) based at Georgetown University. It works to attempt to explain Islam and Muslim opinions to Americans and other Westerners. The ACMCU website offers articles and analysis by Georgetown scholars.
  Understanding Islam At this site they "present the explanation of Islam only in the light of the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet" This site also posts discussions, articles, links to other sites and a translation of the Qur'an.
  Dreams of Tibet This Web site, created in support of the PBS documentary of the same name, discusses the fate of Tibet under Chinese rule. It includes interviews, book excerpts, maps, a historical chronology, links to other relevant sites, and even a discussion of Tibetan Buddhism. Also covers how Tibet and Tibetan culture are perceived by Westerners.
  Himalayan Art Resources This website attractively presents over 2,000 years of Buddhist art from museums around the world.  Art is categorized by medium (sculpture, painting, textile).  The website also delves into the rich symbolic meanings of Buddhist iconography, the relationships between different Buddhist sects, and Buddhist history.
  Introduction to Buddhism This site, written to complement a Buddhist Psychology course at Shippensburg University, offers a concise but thorough introduction to Buddhist history, teachings, morality, and practice.
  Journal of Global Buddhism The JGB is a scholarly journal devoted to Buddhism's spread beyond Asia to the rest of the world.
  Tricycle Tricycle Magazine has articles on many aspects of Buddhism.  Topics covered include purely religious issues, political questions, and even issues like diet. 
  Encyclopedia of Authentic Hinduism Based on the book "The True History and the Religion of India", this site is a concise encyclopedia of articles on Hinduism. It "gives complete information about the Hindu (Bhartiya) religion, scripture, history, and their Divinity."
  Hindu American Foundation

The Hindu American Foundation's mission is to sustain a leading institution of Hindu American advocacy for the promotion of human dignity, mutual respect, and pluralism.

  Hindu Online One of the web's most active websites on Hindus and Hinduism.
  A Summary of What Most Hindus Believe "In the 1980s and early '90s the publishers of Hinduism Today magazine crafted a simple summary of Hindu beliefs. These were printed side-by-side with their Christian counterparts in Christianity Today magazine in February 1993 so Christians could better comprehend Hindus. These nine beliefs offer a basic summary of Sanatana Dharma's spirituality."

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