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The puppy diaries : raising a dog named Scout.

Abramson, Jill.

636.7527 Abr

LT 636.7527 Abr

Devoted: 38 extraordinary tales of love, loyalty, and life with dogs.
Ascher-Walsh, Rebecca. 636.7 Asc
A street cat named Bob : and how he saved my life. Bowen, James. 636.8 (Bowen) Bow
The possibility dogs : what a handful of "unadoptables" taught me about service, hope, and
Charleson, Susannah. 636.7 (Charleson) Cha
The secrets of lost cats : one woman, twenty posters, and a new understanding of love.

Davidson, Nancy.

636.86 Dav

LT 636.8 Dav

Last dog on the hill : the extraordinary life of Lou. Duno, Steve. 636.7 Dun

A dog named Boo : how one dog and one woman rescued each other--and the lives they transformed along the way.
Edwards, Lisa J. 636.7 (Edwards)
Cat daddy : what the world's most incorrigible cat taught me about life, love, and coming clean.
Galaxy, Jackson. 636.8 (Galaxy) Gal
Wallace: the underdog who conquered a sport, saved a marriage, and championed pit bulls--one flying disc at a time.

Gorant, Jim. 636.755 Gor
An eagle named Freedom : my true story of a remarkable friendship. Guidry, Jeff 639.978 (Guirdy) Gui
A dog walks into a nursing home : lessons in the good life from an unlikely teacher. Halpern, Sue. 636.7 Hal
LT 636.7 Hal
Horses never lie about love : the heartwarming story of a remarkable horse who changed the world
around her.
Harris, Jana. 636.1092 Har
Thunder dog : the true story of a blind man, his guide dog, and the triumph of trust at Ground
Hingson, Michael. 974.7104 (Hingson) Hin
A good dog : the story of Orson, who changed my life.

Katz, Jon. 636.7374 Kat
Bad dog : a love story. Kihn, Martin. 636.7 Kih
A big little life : a memoir of a joyful dog. Koontz, Dean R. 636.7527 Koo
Oogy : the dog only a family could love. Levin, Larry.

636.7 Lev

LT 636.7 Lev

Weekends with Daisy


Luttrell, Sharron Kahn. 636.7 (Luttrell) Lut
Buddy : how a rooster made me a family man. McGrory, Brian.

813.6 (McGroy) McG

LT 813.6 (McGroy) McG

Adventures with Ari : a puppy, a leash, & our year outdoors.
Miles, Kathryn. 636.7 Mil
Until Tuesday : a wounded warrior and the golden retriever who saved him. Montalvan, Luis Carlos. 362.4183(Montalvan) Mon

LT 362.4183 (Montalvan) Mon

The good good pig : the extraordinary life of Christopher Hogwood. Montgomery, Sy. 636.4 Mon

LT 636.7 Mon

Fixing Freddie : a true story about a boy, a mom, and a very, very bad beagle. Munier, Paula. 636.7357 Mun
Dewey: the small-town library cat who touched the world. Myron, Vicki. 636.8 Myr
Giant George : life with the world's biggest dog. Nasser, Dave. 636.73 Nas

LT 636.73 Nas

Katie up and down the hall : the true story of how one dog turned five neighbors into a family.
Plaskin, Glenn. 636.7 Pla

LT 636.7 Pla

Lost cat : a true story of love, desperation, and GPS technology. Paul, Caroline. 636.8 Pau
Paw prints in the moonlight : the heartwarming true story of one man and his cat.
O'Connor, Denis. 636.8 (O'Connor) O'C
Sophie : the incredible true adventures of the castaway dog. Pearse, Emma. 636.7 Pea

LT 636.7 Pea

My life with George : what I learned about joy from one neurotic (and very expensive) dog.
Summers, Judith. 636.7524 Sum
The cat who came back for Christmas : how a cat brought a family the gift of love. Romp, Julia. 636.8 (Romp) Rom
Chosen by a horse : a memoir. Richards, Susan. 636.1 Ric
Dogtripping : 25 rescues, 11 volunteers, and 3 RVs on our canine cross-country adventure.
Rosenfelt, David. 636.7088 (Rosenfelt) Ros

LT 636.7088 (Rosenfelt) Ros

Following Atticus : forty-eight high peaks, one little dog, and an extraordinary friendship.
Ryan, Tom. 796.522 (Ryan) Rya
Four-legged miracles : heartwarming tales of lost dogs' journeys home. Steiger, Brad. 636.7 Ste

LT 636.7 Ste

Kitty cornered : how Frannie and five other incorrigible cats seized control of our house and made it their home.
Tarte, Bob. 636.8 Tar

LT 636.8 Tar

Love is the best medicine : what two dogs taught one veterinarian about hope, humility, and everyday
Trout, Nick. 636.7 Tro

LT 636.7 Tro

For Bea : the story of the beagle who changed my life Von Kreisler, Kristin. 636.7537 Von
Saved: rescued animals and the lives they transform Winegar, Karin. 636.0832 Win
Come back, Como: winning the heart of a reluctant dog. Winn, Steven. 636.7 Win
Comet's tale: how the dog I rescued saved my life. Wolf, Steven D. 636.7 (Wolf) Wol

LT 636.7 (Wolf) Wol


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