Sports Heroes!

They are the best of the best, displaying all the courage, nobility, genius, hard work, humility, and grace that can be found in sports.  They are America’s heroes.
Who is your hero?


Where men win glory: the odyssey of Pat Tillman

by Krakauer, Jon

796.332 (Tillman) Kra  

Pat Tillman gave up his multi-million dollar professional football career to join the Army rangers after 9/11.  He served for 2 years in Afghanistan until he was killed by friendly fire.

Jackie Robinson: a biography (1997) by Rampersad, Arnold by Rampersad, Arnold

796.357 (Robinson) Ram  

Robinson became bigger than the game.  He broke the color barrier in baseball by bearing up under pressure with dignity and class.

King of the world: Muhammad Ali and the rise of an American hero

by Remnick, David

796.83 (Ali) Rem  

Ali paid a steep price for his convictions, and in the process transformed America's racial politics.

Game, set, match: Billie Jean King and the revolution in women's sports

by Ware, Susan

796.342 (King) War  

Billie Jean King was at the center of the national debate over gender equality in the 70s and she helped spark a change in women’s sports that reshaped American society.

Triumph: the untold story of Jesse Owens and Hitler's Olympics (2008)

by Schaap, Jeremy

796.42 (Owens) Sch 

Anyone who proves the Nazi myth of Aryan supremacy is a crock, wins 4 gold medals, and upstages Hitler at the 1936 Olympics is a hero to the world.

Standing tall: a memoir of tragedy and triumph

by Stringer, C. Vivian
796.323 (Stringer) Str  

Rutgers women’s basketball coach Stringer tells how she overcame an impoverished upbringing, sexist and racist attitudes, and many personal tragedies all the while becoming one of the best basketball coaches ever.

Clemente: the passion and grace of baseball's last hero

by Maraniss, David

796.357 (Clemente) Mar  

Hall of Famer Roberto Clemente was one of the greatest right fielders of all time.  He was also the first great Latin American baseball star and set a standard for all to follow.  His legacy as both cultural and sporting icon was secured after he died on New Year's Eve 1972 while delivering relief aid to the victims of a Nicaraguan earthquake.  

The kid: the immortal life of Ted Williams

by Bradlee, Ben

796.357 (Williams) Bra  

Ted Williams was more than one of the greatest baseball players of all time.  He ignored and interrupted his record breaking career not once, but twice by serving in the Marines as a combat pilot during World War II and Korea.

The boys of winter: the untold story of a coach, a dream, and the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team by Coffey, Wayne R. 

796.962 Cof 

They were a bunch of college hockey players who beat the superior “professional” Russian team at the “Cold War” Olympics.  This “miracle on ice” became a national fairy tale and a defining moment in American culture.

Wonder girl: the magnificent sporting life of Babe Didrikson Zaharias

by Van Natta, Don 
796.092 (Zaharias) Van   

She’s the other Babe, the trailblazer in women’s sports who shattered stereotypes on and off the field.  After winning 2 gold medals and a silver in track and field at the 1932 Olympics, she set her sights on golf and helped form the LPGA.  ESPN hailed her as one of the 10 greatest athletes of the 20th century.

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