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Sports Weblist


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General Reference Websites for more than one sport; These sites are good for finding statistics for professional, college, amateur and world sports

Sports Reference

Society for Baseball Research

Encyclopedia of Sports  Statliners Bleacher Report 
What is Bocce Ball Move Forward Baseball Almanac 
MLB Trade Rumors History of Candlepin Bowling
Special Olympics   
Olympic Sports
NCAA Elias Sports Bureau 

Hall of Fame locations for sports to visit and learn more in person

National Baseball Hall of Fame

World Golf Hall of Fame
Baseball Americana International Tennis Hall of Fame

Softball Hall of Fame

Field Hockey Hall of Fame
Lacrosse Hall of Fame Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame
Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Canadian Field Hockey Hall of Fame

Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame

Billiards Hall of Fame
Pro Football Hall of Fame  International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame
College Football Hall of Fame   International Volleyball Hall of Fame

 Ice Hockey Hall of Fame                                                       

Rugby Hall of Fame
National Soccer Hall of Fame International Boxing Hall of Fame
 FIFA World Football Museum  
Professional Sports Organizations and Associations         

Major League Baseball  

Professional Golfers’ Association
Ladies Professional Golfers Association Association Tennis Professionals World Tour
All-American Girls Professional Baseball League               Women’s Tennis Association
Spring Training Online Minor League Baseball

National Pro Fastpitch  

National Lacrosse League
National Basketball Association Major Lacrosse League

NBA’s G League     

United States Professional Poolplayers Association
Women’s National Basketball Association World Pool-Billiard Association
National Football League Women’s Professional Billiard Association

Canadian Football League

Professional Bowlers Association
National Hockey League Professional Women’s Bowling Association
American Hockey League     Association of Volleyball Professionals

North American Hockey League 

Federation Internationale de Volleyball
East Coast Hockey League  European Volleyball Confederation
National Women’s Hockey League Major League Rugby
MLS Soccer League    National Rugby Football League 

United Soccer League 

North American Soccer League
International Boxing Federation Major Arena Soccer League 
 Rugby United NY World Boxing Association
National Women’s Soccer League  World Boxing Council

English Football League

World Boxing Organization
Bundesliga International Female Boxing Association
Premier League Women’s International Boxing Federation
Women’s International Boxing Association France Ligue 1
College, Amateur & Women in Sports

Baseball America

Collegiate Baseball Newspaper 
American Poolplayers Association National Bowling Association
College Softball       Women’s National Duckpin Bowling Association
Women’s Football Alliance College Bowling

College Football Playoff

American Wheelchair Bowling Association
Heisman Trophy Junior Volleyball Association
American Flag Football League  USA Volleyball
College Hockey Eastern Collegiate Volleyball Association
College Soccer News Garden Empire Volleyball Association


North, Central America and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation
NextGenGolf  World Rugby
American Junior Golf Association US Quad Rugby
Intercollegiate Tennis Association England Rugby
Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association Brooklyn Rugby 
Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association World Boxing Federation

Westfield Lacrosse Club

North East Field Hockey Association

England Boxing United States Intercollegiate
Jersey Girls Lacrosse Association   Boxing Association
USA Field Hockey National Field Hockey League
Youth in Sports  

Little League Baseball

 New Jersey Bowling Alleys
Little League Softball Bowling With Disabilities
Football ‘N’ America Mudturtle Rugby
Youth Hockey  Rugby New Jersey

American Youth Soccer Organization                                                 

U.S. Kids Golf
New York Rugby Club Rugby New York
Mini Golf in New Jersey Youth Lacrosse
Morris Rugby Corporation Play Rugby USA

The Ruling Organizations of Sports & the Rules


Major League Baseball Rules                                                              World Bocce League
Softball Rules                                        

How to Play Bocce
Naismith’s Basketball Rules Bocce Rules
National Football League Rulebook

United States Bowling Congress

American College Football Rules

New York State USBC
Basic Hockey Rules Bowling Rules
United States Soccer Federation  How to Keep Score in Bowling
Union of European Football Associations International Candlepin Bowling Association   
Soccer Rules Candlepin Bowling Rules
United States Golf Association National Duckpin Bowling Congress
Flag Football Rules Union County New Jersey USBC
NCAA Football Rules  New Jersey State USBC Bowling Association

Golf Rules

Duckpin Bowling Rules
First Known Rules of Golf How to Keep Score in Candlepin Bowling
The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews Bowling Calculator

Official Rules of Golf 

Puerto Rican Volleyball Federation
International Tennis Federation Volleyball Rules
United States Tennis Association

USA Rugby

US Lacrosse            

Rugby Rules
Lacrosse Rules USA Boxing 

 8-Ball Rules                                                                                  

World Confederation of Billiards Sports
Snooker Rules Boxing Scoring System
Rules for High School Field Hockey   International Boxing Association
Field Hockey Rules       European Boxing Confederation
Billiard Congress of America  Olympic Boxing Rules
Pocket Billiard Rules 
Sports Venues & Memorials  

Baseball Park Tours 

Ballparks of Baseball 
Baseball Park Statues  Baseball Attractions  
Minor League Ballparks  Boxing Venues
Football Arenas College Basketball Historic Arenas
Hockey Arenas The Open for Golf

The Masters of Golf

The PGA Championship
U.S. Open of Golf U.S. Open for Tennis
Wimbledon French Open
Australian Open Bocce Courts
 Basketball Arenas   

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